speaking up because no one is an exception. speaking up because no one is alone. everyone deserves the chance to change, dream and achieve. speaking up because so many aren't able to. speaking up because human rights aren't suggestions.


Specilizing in:

- keynote and plenary sessions

- panel commentary

- workshop facilitation

- focus groups + moderating


Topics include:

- the power of removing the stigma around "at-risk" youth

- the importance of engaging young people

- best practices for youth engagement

- mental health and the importance of self-care

- removing the stigma of mental illnesses

.. Open to requests ..

sample of EVENTS

NCDChild Workshop Panelist, International Congress of Pediatrics - Vancouver, British Columbia

Sears Canada Town Hall at Massey Hall - Toronto, Ontario

AstraZeneca Canada’s YHP Youth Voices Event – Toronto, Ontario

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada National Youth Forum - MC – Kamloops, British Columbia

One Young World Summit - Workshop Facilitator - Ottawa, Ontario

Global Early Action in Diabetes - Panelist - Berlin, Germany

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