samara everyday political citizen shortlist

Shortly before the 2015 federal election began, Samara Canada launched Everyday Political Citizen, which was aimed to celebrate political role models and to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada. From the launch date until shortly after the election, Samara crowd-sourced over 300 nominations of EPCitizens! 

I was honoured to have been nominated by one of my mentors and friends, from Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada as one of the 312 EPCitizens, and to my complete shock, recently I was selected as part of the short list.

The shortlists were selected by a jury of 19 notable Canadians and after the jury votes on the shortlist , winners will be announced on December 3 by Rick Mercer. 

I can't thank everyone who has a part in this enough. I am honoured to get to share a spot on this list with so many amazing Canadians, like my friend, Kadir, who are doing so much for civic engagement and are shining examples of political role models. 

Many short listers will be gathering on the morning of December 3, with Samara for the first Everyday Political Citizen: IRL Forum, we'll bring together experiences of nominees and Samara's research around why young people are and aren't showing up to the polls. The same night is when the finalists will be revealed. 

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to come together with many likeminded Canadians and to have this chance to learn best practises, hear opinions and of course, to see who the 2015 EPCitizen winners will be. 

Thank again to my nominator, Marissa, to Trina McQueen my jury nominator, Samara for this opportunity, and to everyone who shows me support and encouragement in any way. 

❤︎: A

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